Project and team leadership

Great software starts with great leadership. Netgroup offers unique project and team leadership services to keep your software projects running smoothly. These services focus on integrating our knowledge and experience into your organization's existing culture and style. Leadership takes on many forms, as can be seen in the examples below.

  • Project management & team leadership.
  • Project and outsourcing oversight.
  • Failed project turnaround.
  • Arbitration and technical dispute resolution.
  • Completely customized technology training by Ph.D.s and industry experts.
Management consulting
Your organization relies on software technology for its most critical functions. But what about tomorrow? Let us help you stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology curve by working with your management team to evaluate your company's current use of software technology, report on what's working and what's not, and develop a plan for driving your business forward. Whether your focus is on the branch, division, region, or company-wide level, we can help. Don't just keep up with today's innovations—harness them and keep your software systems running at their full potential with Netgroup management consulting services.
  • Vendor and product evaluation, selection, and integration.
  • IT strategy development and execution.
  • Technology assessment and planning.
  • Project coordination and oversight.
  • Expert witness services.
Advanced software development
Netgroup's advanced software development services enable developers, teams, and organizations to understand and take advantage of changing technology. These services are intended for innovators who want to push the known limits of software technology and make full use of cutting edge advances in order to succeed in the marketplace. We work in unison with your project teams to educate, recommend, execute, and deliver so that your teams succeed where others fail.
  • On-site or off-site software development for desktop, mobile, web, server, cloud, and embedded systems.
  • State-of-the-art technology creation through applied research.
  • Expertise in numerous programming languages, environments, and development platforms.
  • Algorithm analysis, design, and implementation.
  • Performance analysis and tuning.
  • Resolving computationally challenging, complex, and intractable problems.
Startup Financing
There is money available for those who are starting a business. You just have to know where to look and think strategically and creatively. Our uniquely qualified Financial Specialists provide services that enhance and maximize the value of our client’s assets and working capital.  We fully understand that it can be very intimidating when approaching lenders and investors for your funding needs. Netgroup Associates has a nationwide network of lenders and investors to assist you in acquiring funding for your business or project.