Startup Financing

The best way to predict the future? Invent it.

We help entrepreneurs build companies. Derived from novel scientific breakthroughs and tackling global challenges in energy, technology and healthcare, our portfolio companies are pursuing a future of energy independence, technology innovations, and longer, healthier lives. However, we remain open to exploring all business ideas, no matter how complicated or far off the beaten track they might at first seem. We will roll up our sleeves and work as hard as you do. We will add value every day, in between board meetings, not just at them. But that doesn’t mean we’ll run your business, we know where to draw the line. We keep our egos in check, operate with integrity and honesty, and put the needs of your business ahead of our own.

We makes getting working capital quick, easy, and convenient.

We work with a select group of banks and non-traditional sources of capital, including high net worth individuals and institutional investors. These lenders understand the unique needs of each borrowers, including businesses that may have been turned down by other banks or financial institutions.

Below are the minimum qualifications for startup financing:

  • You or your business partner must have excellent credit (695+) and be prepared to submit tax returns and other financial data.
  • Must have less than 30% usage on all existing credit cards
How it works:
  • We set you up as an pre-existing corporation with 100k in primary tradelines that report to EXPERIAN Business, EQUIFAX. 
  • This allows you to access up to 275K in funding per round with just a personal guarantee.
  • 20-30 days is the time frame for funding. All Fees Paid on the Backend.
  • We take a 10% equity position in your venture and help you build your business from the ground up.
Why a personal guarantee:
Experience has taught us that if a client has no skin in the game—i.e., we do all the work now, but the client pays 100%  in the future providing his/her venture is successful—there is a strong likelihood either that he/she will abuse the relationship or the venture will fail (or both) and we will end up with nothing now and nothing in the future.

  • Capital is available when needed.
  • Doesn't tie up your credit, preventing you from applying for other loans. Corporate loans that don't show up on your personal credit score.
  • Manageable Payments.
  • Limited paperwork required.
  • Use for virtually any business purpose.
  • Low cost, high return. Value of your business after 1 year: $500,000
Potential Pitfalls
  • Business doesn't work.
  • The individual signer is liable if the business cannot make the payments.
Is this a good fit for you?
  • A driven and entrepreneurial energy, vision, and skillset for running a business.
  • A strong and enthusiastic work ethic.
  • The ability to create a positive perception and establish partnerships.
  • Is comfortable presenting information, fielding questions, meeting people, and visiting private homes.